Eastern League Sport Kite Association

Eastern League Eastern League

For eight years, Eastern League Sport Kite Association had relied upon an older MS Access database, accessible on just the computer running the application, to track membership and events. This desktop database worked very well nearly a decade ago, but Eastern League was ready for an updated, cloud-based application that would allow easier registrations and multiple user access. Alloy Code created a relational database-driven web application for Eastern League’s website that allows them to track membership renewals, event registrations, and competitor scores. Via ActiveMerchant’s PayPal gateway, Eastern League can facilitate membership renewals and event registration billing seamlessly.

Eastern League’s site is built on a Rails 4.2 framework (upgraded from Rails 3.1), using RVM and Bundler to simplify dependency management. The project involved:

  • Four weekly iterations for initial development and deployment
  • Ongoing development
  • Conversion of MS Access data to MySQL-compatible data
  • Ensuring that the new website schema could handle legacy fields

The result, still in progress, is a Rails-based relational database that easily manages and tracks membership and events for Eastern League.

View the source code on GitHub.