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Jared Haworth

Jared Haworth - President

An active member of the Ruby on Rails community, Jared has contributed to over a dozen major and minor Rails applications, including 6 production Ruby on Rails applications. He’s worked with the National Press Photographers Association, Hearst Business Media, and Set & Service Resources. This Ruby guru has also supplied documentation patches to the core Ruby on Rails development team and been published in both Obie Fernandez’s The Rails Way and Mike Clark’s Advanced Rails Recipes. Initially drawn to Ruby because of its human-readable syntax and robust communities, Jared can be found at Ruby on Rails meetups and participating in programming competitions like the Rails Rumble.

Committed to lifelong learning, Jared takes his analytical mind to hardware hacking and microcontroller programming – with traffic lights. Get him outside, and he’s a National Champion Sport Kite Flyer, competing up and down the Eastern seaboard. Jared studied Digital Arts at Cogswell Polytechnical College and Software Engineering at the University of Massachusetts, Boston.